Reliable Email Solutions for Your Business

Today’s business relies on having a dependable, available, and secure means of communication. Email is the most popular way for businesses to not only relay information within itself but to also engage customers. It is for this reason that having a trustworthy provider is critical to the operation of your business.

At MCS Networks, we deliver an email service that fits the above criteria and much more known as our Managed Email Services. With utilizing what we offer, you can create a custom email solution with archiving that, additionally, is within legal compliance.

Using Icewarp’s server software, we can offer you the very latest in email technology including SSL POP3, IMAP and SMTP as well as Secure Webmail, Exchange Activesync for your smart phones, and shared calendars with either Icewarp’s new client software or with our Outlook Addon synchronization tool.


  • Customized email solutions for your business
  • Ability to archive user’s sent and received emails
  • Secure archiving off-site
  • Latest in email technology
  • Syncing for mobile devices