MCS Networks offers a wide range of IT services for local and regional Municipalities. Our managed services approach allows us to offer budget friendly solutions along with extremely fast response times and friendly 24/7/365 service.

We typically offer flat rate yearly billed services so that organizations IT costs can be predictable year over year. We offer long term IT asset management, project management and optimized interoperability services to strengthen relationships and communications between departments.

MCS currently supports environments with as few as 2 computers up to several hundred that utilize some of the following commonly used software applications:

  • Workhorse
  • Laserfische
  • Quickbooks Enterprise
  • Incode
  • GCS
  • ActiveNet


MCS can assist municipalities in creating robust network management solutions for allowing employees to work securely off-site, monitor on-site personnel with custom tailored IP camera solutions as well as creating secure internet environments with customized website filtering capabilities. Additionally, we offer secure public & private Wi-Fi systems for conference rooms, large gathering areas, and arenas. Indoor and outdoor environments are both supported.