MCS Networks specializes in Public Safety IT Support for sectors such as Police & Fire as well as disaster response units. We offer exceptional service response times which are available 24/7 to assist with any and all IT needs that arise. MCS has in place management control agreements required by state and local DOJ departments and all of our employees involved have passed state & federal background checks.

MCS is currently managing/assisting with the following resources that are commonly used within these sectors:
  • TraCS
  • VisionMobile
  • VisionRMS
  • InformRMS (Central Square)
  • MACH
  • GeoLynx
  • ProPhoenix
  • WatchGuard
  • AXON
  • GPS (cellular/ublox)
  • FoRS
  • NetMotion

MCS is well aware of the specialized equipment necessary to perform Public Safety duties and the unique challenges they bring. We pride ourselves on being able to assist with:
  • In-car rugged-style laptops
  • In-car laptop docks
  • GPS support for multiple in-car applications
  • License Plate readers
  • 4g/5g network connectivity
  • Network Security & Cradlepoint device support
  • In-car/on-person camera solutions from WatchGuard/AXON

Additionally, MCS works closely with the assigned TAC of each agency to complete bi-annual CJIS audits at no additional charge as part of our Managed Services or as a side pay-per-use service for the Public Safety Sector.